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WHOOZNXT is a free service that helps take you to the next level.

We reward you based on your ability to connect with your fans.
It's simple: Grow your fanbase to get access to our gigs. We're not another social network. We don't require you or your fans to do anything on our site.

The only thing you need to do is CONNECT YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKS and we'll take care of the rest.

We'll track your progress and hook you up with career-changing opportunities.

We work with some of the biggest players to help them find the most buzzworthy artists on the internet. To help them, we've created a new chart based on social media popularity. Climb our chart to get noticed.


Sign up for free & connect your social network accounts to be eligible for our gigs. 
The size of your online fan base will determine which level gigs you qualify for. Throughout the month we count your new online fans.

We present a selection of artists with the MOST NEW FANS to our partners, who ultimately decide which artists they want to book for their gig. At the start of each month we reset your fan growth to zero so you will have a brand new shot at our monthly gigs.

To preserve the integrity of our ranking system, our team carefully monitors your fan growth online. You will be disqualified from our gigs if you are caught cheating or buying fans. 

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