Diamond Services

Content Creation & Management

Every artist needs to keep their fans engaged with fresh content that is relevant to their brand. As part of our Diamond Services, content creation and brand management are made easy by our team of specialists who create and manage brands, and generate content for use in news articles, blog posts, Tweets, Facebook posts, forum posts, etc…

Community Management

When a fan base grows, an artist may not have enough time to personally manage each community portal as actively as they would like. To help with this, our WHOOZNXT Community Ambassadors will act as advocates to create and participate in discussions, act as moderators for existing community channels, and generate buzz by spreading important news.

Campaign Development & Management

Using Social Media, SMS, and email, we offer campaign development services that allows artists to broadcast messages to their fans regarding album/song/video releases, tours, special appearances, contests, giveaways, sales, seasonal promotions, and many other types of marketing opportunities. We also work to track ROI and identify key fans who frequently respond, as well as fans who have high levels of influence within an artist's community and genre.

Business Management

As success grows, our industry veterans can help with bookings, tour and travel planning, book keeping and taxes, vendor management, insurance, and take care of a wide variety of "boring" details.

Sponsorship Opportunities

As part of our Diamond Service offering, we can work to carefully plan and manage sponsorship opportunities by making sure they line up an artist's brand and that the deals are right.

Social Commerce Services and Fan Activation

As your partner, we assign a dedicated client services team that has two clear goals; 1) increase your revenues from merchandise, music, and tickets; and 2) activate your most loyal fans so they become powerful ambassadors of your music. The Whooznxt Social Commerce team provides a full service e-commerce program - we work with your fulfillment partner to design, produce and distribute high quality merchandise, and with you to determine the most effective merch mix for your audience – if you don’t have a fulfillment partner, we can connect you with one of our preferred partners. When you receive an allotment of tour tickets, we work with you to set up your events, coordinate with promoters and venues on seating and ticketing systems, and ensure that you get the most out of direct to consumer distribution. We have a first-class social commerce platform providing you with e-commerce for your Website, a Facebook storefront, and social sharing & fan promotion tools. In addition, our Fan Activation program gives you the unique opportunity to include your fans in the promotion and selling process across social networks, and reward them with incentive programs for their participation in your success. Whooznxt Social Commerce Services has helped our Diamond artists to significantly grow revenues, while involving their fans in a whole new way.

Diamond artists

Taylor Swift
27,887,323 fans
Justin Timberlake
17,253,899 fans
Hollywood Undead
4,244,039 fans

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